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Currently writing Big Bang scenarios. Might add more groups later.

Feel free to request!
Asker Anonymous Asks:
Helloooooo~ or should i say Annyonghaseyooooo~ Can you please do a scenario where you share a villa with taeyang and when you comeback from work you're jealous at him for some reason.. (your idea x) ) KAMSAMNIDAAA ILOVEYOURBLOGSOSOSOSOSOSOSOMUCH #FIGHTING !!! ^^ *-* (i know i'm a weird person)
charmingxsmiles charmingxsmiles Said:

I think I can do this, hopefully I do it correctly. If you mean jealous, as in jealous that he gets to stay at home while you’re at work? I can make that work lol thanks for the request! Glad you’re liking the blog! You’re not weird! :)

When he’s your target…


Part 1 : Part 2


Ji Yong sighs, placing his head against the table in front of him. Having a regular nine to five job isn’t so bad, especially since the company is owned by him. It’s not like he wasn’t making good money before, but now, it was clean money, no blood shed.

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  • When he sees you cry for the first time…


Movie nights are rare between you and your boyfriend, Kwon Ji Yong.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Can you do a scenario to when top sees you do your makeup? Please andThank you 😘
charmingxsmiles charmingxsmiles Said:

Sure! I’ll add that to the list :)

  • When he sees you doing your beauty routine…


Rest day, also known as a day off.

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Alright, I was finally able to updated The Hardest Thing and I was planning on focusing on that, but I’m falling behind on the scenarios. School starts on September 2nd and I’m leaving for Georgia for a couple of days on Wednesday. So I’ve decided to just write as much as I can before I leave on Wednesday. I’m going to write three list. One list will tell you what I’ll post before I leave and the other two will be the ones I’ll work on while I’m there. Thank you for the support my lovelies. I know it gets annoying since I go missing at times. So I would like to thank you for sticking by me and just the continual support is greatly appreciated.

Reminder that I’m going down the request list now and I’m going to add the Block B scenarios in between the list and also the multi-part scenarios will also be added in between. Thank you for everything my lovely readers!

Going to be posted before Wednesday: 

  • Memories: Part 3 (GD)

Here’s the Line-Up:

  • When he sees you cry for the first time (Top, Seung Ri, Taeyang, Daesung)
  • When you make-up after a fight (Seung Ri)
  • When he comes back after being away from promotion (GD)
  • The Hardest Thing: Part 5 (Top)
  • When he finds out you’re not his first (Taeyang, Daesung)
  • Memories: Part 4 (GD)
  • When you sleep over for the first time (GD)
  • The List: Part 3 (GD)
  • When he gets jealous of your best friend (Taeyang)

Block B

  • When he introduces you to his bandmates (P.O.)
  • Jealousy (Zico & P.O.)
  • Boyfriend Problems (Zico)

Sorry it’s taking so long, but please bare with me! If you have a request and it’s not on the request list, please let me know so I can add it. :)

Also, I am trying to go down through the list, but if one scenario inspires me more than another, I’ll post that one. Main point is to get through the list. Thank you for the requests loves!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I don't want to be rude but when the memories going to come out. :)
charmingxsmiles charmingxsmiles Said:

I’m actually going to make a post as to which scenarios are coming up next. I can guarantee to you that Memories is one of them :) No rudeness, don’t worry!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Annyeong👋! If it's morning then good morning!, if it's night then good night kekeke!! My weirdness has arrived!! 😭😂 I'm sorry!! Anyways do u have any requests on GD oppa?!! What's uur next scenario going to be ?? I'm excited to read it keke!! I love ur blogs!! Saranghaeyo 💕
charmingxsmiles charmingxsmiles Said:

Hiiii!!! Its actually the afternoon now but I received the message in the morning lol anyways my next scenario is another top scenario then after that is the GD amnesia scenario. Thank you for the support! Im really happy you’re loving the blog!!! Thank you!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Are you accepting requests right?? *I hope* 😆
charmingxsmiles charmingxsmiles Said:

Yes I am :) feel free to request.